DHCP Relay on Cisco ACI


DHCP server is a service to automatically configure IP addresses. Using a DHCP Relay server, DHCP servers can be centralized in a single place. Under Cisco ACI, configuring a DHCP Relay server is a very simple task.


  • Create a DHCP Server policy: Tenants -> <tenant name> -> Policies -> Protocol -> DHCP Relay -> Create DHCP Relay Policy and specify the IP address of the DHCP server and the associated EPG.
  • Associate the policy to a bridge domain: Tenants -> <tenant name> -> Networking -> Bridge Domain -> <bridge domain name> -> DHCP Relay Labels -> Create DHCP Relay Label and associate the policy created above.
  • Adjust contracts if needed.

The DHCP Server policy can also be created as a global policy, under Fabric -> Global Policies -> DHCP Relay.

Posted on 28 Mar 2018 by Andrea.
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