Pay for support system with PayPal integration

For another project I leaded, I needed a support ticket system integrated with PayPal. Sometimes that is referred as Pay for Support System.


There are many open and closed software available as Ticketing System, but none of them was able to address the following scenario:

  • a one time user request for help opening a ticket;
  • a guy from support team evaluate the ticket and ask to the user for a fee via PayPal;
  • the requesting user pay the fee;
  • the guy from support receive the notification about the payment and can support the user;
  • past fees can be refunded, or more fees can be requested.

The only solution I was able to find involves FreshDesk (other services are supported), PayPal (other services are supported), ChargeDesk (that’s the only glue I found).


Let’s start from PayPal. It’s the most famous payment platform, mostly used on eBay, but it’s available as payment method on many eShop too. Even if PayPal takes high fees for the services, it’s still the preferred solution, because of popularity.


FreshDesk is a customer supported platform provided as a PAAS (Platform As A Service) solution. There is a SPROUT license that allows up to three agents for free.

The product is very simple and self-explanatory:

FreshDesk Dashboard

A dedicated URL is provided, users can customized the platform, and ticket can be opened from different channel, included email and web portal.


ChargeDesk is the glue between PayPal and FreshDesk. The idea is very simple: a browser extension integrate a payment gateway (PayPal) inside the the ticket platform (FreshDesk).

ChargeDesk bills 3c per imported charge, Each month first 50 charges are free.

How to make it working

  1. Create a ChargeDesk account and configure payment gateway and platform under Setup: ChargeDesk Setup
  2. Be sure the Chrome extension has been installed and configured. Open any website and login to ChargeDesk by clicking on the ChargeDesk extesion icon: ChargeDesk Chrome extension
  3. Open the FreshDesk website, and a new menu will be available on the right: ChargeDesk within Freshdesk

That’s all! From the ChargeDesk menu added to any webpage from the Chrome extension, PayPal within our FreshDesk instance!