Connecting Edge Router to physical LAN using VMware NSX

In this post we’ll see how to connect an Edge Router to a physical LAN.


In the previous post an Edge router has been deployed and configured with OSPF.

Configuring the Edge router

Now the edge router must be connected to external networks:

NSX OSPF Topology

An uplink interface needs to be bound to a PortGroup not configured for NSX. In other words a PortGroup named 172.31.30./27 has been manually added to the same Distributed vSwitch used for NSX:

Standard PortGroup

Now go to Networking & Security -> NSX Edges, double click on the edge and go to Manage -> Settings -> Interfaces. Select an available interface and configure it as Uplink, bound to the distributed PortGroup created above:

Edit NSX Edge Interface

Go now to Routing -> Global Configuration and press the Edit button to set the default gateway:

Edit NSX Edge default gateway

Now the edge router can reach the external network and will use the as a default gateway. The default gateway will now be redistributed via OSPF.

See the next post for configuring firewall and bidirectional NAT.