Network ping with delay, jitter and MOS

I found a Python – Python Implementation of the ping command to ping a remote system. I added a very short piece of code to print out Jitter and MOS data.

# ./ -c 1000 -t 1 -d
Statistics for
 - packet loss: 2 (0.20%)
 - latency (MIN/MAX/AVG): 46/281/52
 - jitter: 2.1583
 - MOS: 4.3

A Nagios compatible output is available:

# ./ -c 1000 -t 1 -d -o nagios
OK | lost=0.10 delay=51;75;100;0;1000 jitter=2.94 mos=4.3;4.0;3.0;0.0;5.0

Because MOS should be applied to VoIP packets only, the MOS output is an estimate of a VoIP call using the G.711 codec.

The script (and libs) can be downloaded from the